NodeJs simple colorized log in console + log level control

During the development logging is one of most important thing which will help you to debug and fixing issues and defects that you may found in your app. so it’s recommended to have proper log format and different and configurable log levels.
I build a small nodeJS Module (nodejs-simple-log)which will help you to achieve this.

with help of this module you can simply have colorized log in your console same as attached Image to post and you can have control on your log to enable or disable some log types which are going get shown in your console.

this module is available in NPM and you can install and use it.
also if you found any problem or you can do an enhancements, simply fork it and do the changes and raise pull request.

GitHub Repo :
NPM Page :

let’s go through installation and usage.

  1. first install it by npm
  2. load it to your app and use it.
    check the below example, in this example I enabled all log level, including log,info,warn, … , you may need to modify it.


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