Plutify Born

And finally on September, 09 2017 my son “Plutify” was born.
Plutify – Is a innovative name inspired from Bar headed goose which is third highest flying bird that can fly above 29000 feet, actually above the clouds.

Build with love by using below techs and tools which is used to empower high scalable application in Cloud Platform (SaaS):
Minio Object Storage, Nginx, Linux, Jenkins, NodeJS, Git, MongoDB, Redis, Angular, Grunt, Sass,Less and so many other open source tools.

Many Thanks to my friend “Afshin Goldarani” for bringing innovation and idea specially in UI, UX and branding perspective.
we are planing to enhance and bring so many new useful feature in our next phase.

since I was the only guy whom designed the whole system structure and architecture, I’m trying to bring new talented team member for development part on front-end and back-end side, soon you will hear more on this.

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